CollegeHumor Parody Advises to 'Buy the Second Cheapest Wine'

'Because it's the cheapest next to the cheapest'

What do wine novices buy? The second cheapest wine, of course.

Thanks, CollegeHumor, for pointing out just how inept some of us are at buying wine. The newest spoof involves some clueless wine-drinkers who obviously go for what they know is "good": the "second cheapest wine." What makes this second cheapest wine so special is that it's fermented with the second cheapest grapes — and located in the front of the store, so you don't have to browse while the clerks obviously judge you. But at least it's not from the current year, right? And the taste? Well, it's... wine. 

Laugh along with CollegeHumor while reading up on some better wines — that, we can help with.