Best Ground Turkey Recipes for a Dinner Party

Trade ground red meat recipes for ground turkey recipes and enjoy great taste with more health benefits.

Ground Turkey Recipes

There are so many incredible recipes you can make for your dinner parties. From the formal to the fun, dinner party menus are successful when guests are full and satisfied. But if you can provide them with a healthier but equally delicious option, you’ll be named host or hostess of the year in no time. One way to do this is to serve your guests a truly tasty meal based on a very healthful ingredient: ground turkey.

Anything you make with ground red meat, from meatloaf to tacos, can be made with ground turkey instead. This lean meat is low in saturated fat and works well with a variety of seasonings. If you’re planning  an upcoming party menu, consider these ground turkey recipes for you and your guests:

Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Ground turkey stuffed peppers are a blissful, nearly guilt-free weekday meal. The key to making successful ground turkey stuffed peppers is to boil the peppers before you bake, so they are nice and soft and ready to absorb all of the delicious seasonings in the ground meat!

Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

For a healthier option, replace beef with turkey for a delicious meatloaf.

Turkey Burger Recipe

For added moisture and flavor in our turkey burger, we’ve added lightly sautéed shallots and garlic, mixed into the ground turkey meat. We also stuffed the patties with Cheddar cheese for a rich, gooey-centered burger. The combination of oil-coated shallots and garlic makes the turkey patty stick to the grill less, and adds a nice flavor profile to the otherwise bland turkey meat.