The Best Grocery Store Wines for Less Than $25

Think you can't find a good wine at the grocery store? Think again

Sure, we enjoy the rare and esoteric when it comes to wine, but sometimes you’re at a grocery store in your hometown, or across the country, and are looking for something that’s reliably good and a good deal. So here are five memorable grocery wines that you can find for less than $25:

SEGURA VIUDAS Brut Reserva Non-vintage (Cava, Spain) $9: Every refrigerator should have a bottle of bubbles in it at all times. Whether it’s for an impromptu brunch, a celebration, or if you’re just looking to make any day more fun and festive, a crisp, refreshing bottle of bubbles like this cava will add sparkle to your world.

JOEL GOTT Sauvignon Blanc 2011 (California) $12: While California is best known for high-priced cabernet sauvignon, bargains abound in the world of white wine. A zesty sauvignon blanc puts a little zip and zing into your wine glass and is a welcome partner to light seafood and vegetarian dishes.

HEDGES CMS Red 2010 (Columbia Valley, Wash.) $14: This blend of cabernet, nerlot, and syrah from Washington State is the perfect house red. The cooler 2010 vintage produced a more restrained red that will even impress staunch Francophiles.

DOÑA PAULA Estate Malbec 2011 (Mendoza, Argentina) $14: If you’re looking for a richer, heartier red, there are few bigger bargains than malbec from Argentina. It will add sizzle to your steak.

GRAHAM’S Six Grapes Reserve Port Non-vintage (Portugal) $21: Like sparkling wine, every home deserves a bottle of port. Whether for relaxing after work, creating a sauce, or enjoying with a square of dark chocolate, port is indispensable.


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