Best Dining in Chicago’s Theater District

Rosebud is a classic Chicago establishment that serves mini bacon cannoli.

One of the many perks in Chicago is that you can catch a Broadway-quality performance without having to travel to faraway New York. Whether you like colorful musicals, intense dramas, or family-friendly shows, Chicago has a bit of something for everyone.

It’s not a true night at the theater, though, without a satisfying dinner either before or after the curtain rises. Be sure to check out these top dining options in Chicago’s famed Theater District.

Italian Village Restaurants

Taste the flavors of Italy in an atmosphere that suits anyone’s style. This building houses three restaurants: The Village (traditional Italian, casual atmosphere), La Cantina Enoteca (Italian seafood and steak house), and Vivere (regional Italian cuisine in a fine dining atmosphere). As an added bonus, Italian Village also boasts the largest wine cellar in the Midwest, with more than 35,000 bottles.


Step back into the 1940s at this Theater District restaurant. Petterino’s (named after a famous maître d’ from the era) focuses on the Golden Age of Glamour in Chicago by featuring original drawings of actors who’ve performed in the Windy City. The menu focused on steak, seafood, and other classic dishes.

Lockwood Restaurant and Bar

Lockwood is one of the premier Theater District restaurants for a fine dining experience. Located in the historic Palmer House Hilton, this restaurant features farm-to-table cuisine crafted by top-tier chefs. The lavish atmosphere adds some visual appeal to the meal as well.

State and Lake Chicago Tavern

This downtown spot is perfect for those who want a more casual pre-dinner experience. State and Lake Chicago Tavern features artisanal takes on classic comfort food dishes like deviled eggs, pork and beans, and the classic cheeseburger. Meanwhile, a number of beers on tap and creative cocktails offer great drink options.

Rosebud Theater District

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Rosebud is one of those classic Chicago spots where you simply can’t go wrong. Expect straightforward, upscale dining with delicious food served up in massive portions. Rosebud also excels in creating decadent Italian fare.