Best Burgers in Sydney

The three best burgers in Sydney are guaranteed to make you one happy traveler
Best Burgers

Here are three of the best burgers in Sydney

Looking for the best burgers in Sydney? It won’t be a hard mission given the recent burger craze that has swept through the city, but it has made the search for the best burgers in town more competitive than years past.

What is it that makes a burger one of the best burgers around? Is it the juiciness of the meat, the perfectly toasted bun, the fresh ingredients and toppings? It’s all of the above and more, an art form that chefs around the world have mastered so that they can make the best burgers in town.

We’ve rounded up the top three choices for the best burgers in Sydney, which range from the inexpensive burgers (in Sydney prices!) to the more gourmet burgers.

Either way, these three restaurants are guaranteed to flip some of the best burgers you will find Down Under.

Top 3 Best Burgers in Sydney

1. Full Blood Wagyu Hamburger ($24), RockPool Bar & Grill
66 Hunter St, Sydney

2. Mary’s Burger ($14), Mary’s
6 Mary Street, Newtown


3. Grilled Beef and Cheese ($10), Chur Burger
48 Albion Street, Surry Hills