Best Bar Signs Around the Country

Because a bar serving “whiskey soup” is a bar we want to be drinking at

These bar signs are ones that would definitely draw us in for a drink.

In today’s world, bars are looking for funnier and more clever ways to draw their patrons in (and get some free publicity via social media uploads) for a drink. And these bars signs are ones that would definitely get us inside for a beer (or seven).


The modern-day safehouse is one that is obviously prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

Flickr/bradley gordon

And equally as important: don’t forget to close out your tab and get your credit card back.

Flickr/j kilmer

Didn’t your mother always tell you that a bowl of whiskey will help you feel better?

Pinterest/Jessie Jovi

Sounds like a great deal; almost too good to be true! Oh wait, it is. We wonder how many people fall for that sign.

Pinterest/Kayt Lester

But my grandmother tells me I’m special, and she’s the best in the world! Doesn’t that count?

Pinterest/Bridget Healey

Bet this photo appeared on social media a few times with the hashtag #sotrue.

Pinterest/Peggy Adcock


Why didn’t our chemistry teachers conduct our classes in a bar, then?