Best 1st Birthday Cake Videos Ever

Babies go ’Hulk’ on their birthday cakes and it is adorable
1st B-Day Cake Smash

Watch these cuties tear into their 1st birthday cakes.

The birthday cake is the second star of any birthday party (besides the birthday girl or boy, of course). Birthday cake is essential to any birthday celebration, and whether it is decadent devil’s food or a refreshing ice cream cake, birthday cakes usually steal the show.

But when a first birthday happens, the cake becomes something extra special: it serves as a vessel for adorably messy photos you’ll treasure for a lifetime. And while pictures are always good for fond reminiscing, if you happen to capture it on film, you’ll have instant internet gold. Check out these adorable birthday stars on their big day for a big laugh:

Glamorous Twins

Could anyone be more posh about cake smashing?

Dive In

This little guy has no hesitations when it comes to enjoying his birthday treat.

Pretty in Purple

Purple icing never looked so cute!

Feet First

This little one loves the cake so much he tries to give his feet a taste.

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