The Beers of Thanksgiving NFL Game Day

Patriots versus Jets, Redskins versus Cowboys, Texans versus Lions: the beers to go with your team matchup

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NFL games on Thanksgiving can only mean one thing: what beer will you be drinking? Grab a craft beer from your home team's town.

Thanksgiving, the iconic American holiday of giving thanks, eating turkey, spending quality time with your loved ones — and gathering around your TV to scream at your NFL teams battling it out on the field. The only thing more American on Thanksgiving than stuffing and mashed potatoes is the daylong extravaganza of football, bright lights on the field, and beer. [related]

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If you’re going to spend your time huddled around your TV watching the matchups on Turkey Day — Houston Texans at Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys, and New England Patriots at New York Jets —we beg you to put down the Coors Light. What better way to cheer on your team than with a beer from its hometown?

The Daily Meal has rounded up our favorite local, craft brews from some of America’s best beer towns for you to kick back with during the football-heavy day. Detroit has a burgeoning beer scene; from microbreweries to brew pubs, Michigan now ranks fifth nationally for the most craft breweries in the country. And Dallas and Houston are just a small part of the beer culture that’s rising in Texas. And then there’s the fast-growing beer town of Washington, D.C., where Capitol City Brewing became the first brewery in the province to open since Prohibition in 1992.

So show your team spirit in a new way, with the beer bottle in your hand. Have a favorite on our list? Think your team’s beer is in a different league than the other team’s? Say it loud in the comments — but at least we can all agree to thank our lucky stars for the new wave of craft brewers across the country.

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