Beer Isn't Just for Drinking: 10 Recipes That Use a Brew

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Pour a little in your recipe, and pour a lot into your cup
Beer Recipes

Shrimp, risotto, and other recipes get an extra kick with beer.

You’ve probably cooked with wine before, but what about beer? In addition to being a refreshing alcoholic beverage, a good ale — or lager, pilsner, [insert your favorite type of beer here] — can be just the ingredient your dish needs.

A few pointers: When cooking with beer, it’s probably a good idea to stick to one you don’t mind drinking. If you despise the taste of Budweiser, you might not like it in your stew either. And be careful with India Pale Ales; while they’re our favorite type to drink, they can sometimes be overpowering in a dish.

Next time you’re feeling adventurous, skip the wine, buy a six-pack, and give one of these recipes a try.

— Melissa Valliant, HellaWella

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