Beer That Won’t Freeze Invented for South Pole Workers

Now, British workers living in Antarctica can enjoy a pint at -90 degrees

Not everyone gets to enjoy an icy cold brew — those living in Antarctica have had to suffer not only freezing temperatures and extreme conditions, but they also can't enjoy a beer without it freezing over. But now, a British microbrewery has created an ale specifically designed to stay in liquid form at -90 degrees — a win for everyone.

The Daily Mail reports that workers at the British-based Oceanography Centre approached the brewery at the Platform Tavern in Southampton, Hampshire, to make the beer. Said Aiden Lavin, the brewer at the pub, told the Daily Mail, "We’ve never been asked to do anything like it before but we decided it would be fun and we’d give it a go."

To tackle the challenge, the brewers looked to recipes for a 200-year-old Indian pale ale, because that particular style of beer was designed to travel long distances. The beer also had to be fermented to at least 6 percent ABV to prevent it from freezing. The result? The Pole-Axed brew is a strong, dark beer made with hops from North America. 

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This week, the beer will be bottled in plastic, vacuum-sealed bottles and sent nearly 10,000 miles to the depths of the South Pole — where some very appreciative beer lovers will be waiting.