Beer By Ikea: Ol Mork Lager

What beer goes best with Swedish meatballs? Öl Mörk Lager. Translated directly to "dark lager beer," Ikea is currently selling the brew in the United Kingdom, available for in-store pickup only.

Simple drawings of hop flowers decorate the label of the 12-ounce bottle ("assembled size: 330 ml" reads the product page), along with the familiar blue and yellow logo. This appears to be a very new offering from the assemble-your-own furniture and home goods giant — the French website just added the item to its roster June 15, and a review has yet to be posted.

Few tasting reviews are available either — likely due to the beer's limited availability and newness — though several have checked in on beer-drinking social media network Untappd, noting they were drinking the brew. A slightly malty taste was the general consensus of those samplers, with a slightly sweet undertone, as one would expect from a beer of the style (though slightly watery and not robust, as one would expect of an Ikea product).

Ikea does have a large food line already, including the above-mentioned Swedish meatballs (available at the store café or frozen, to taken home), and the lingonberry jam that is the traditional accompaniment. Beer is the next logical step.

Thanks to our friends at Victory Brewing Co. for spotting this one; we are anxious to give Öl Mörk Lager a try.

— Danya, Henninger, The Drink Nation

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