Beard Papa Invents ‘Drinkable Cream Puffs’

Beard Papa’s new beverage tastes like cream puff filling in a can

Beard Papa is launching a new "drinkable cream puff" beverage for peopole who want that sweet cream puff filling without having to bother with all that chewing. 

Beard Papa may be best known for its light and rich cream puffs and variety of different cream puff fillings, but it’s expanding the definition of “cream puff” a bit with its new offering, because it’s a cream puff flavored beverage in a can.

According to Rocket News 24, the Beard Papa cream puff chain has created a canned beverage called “Beard Papa Drinkable Cream Puff,” and while it’s not identical to just sucking all the filling out of one of the chain’s pastry bags, it is not that far off. The beverage is thinner than cream-filling consistency, but it’s designed to have the same rich, creamy flavor as the filling in the chain’s original recipe cream puffs. The company expects it to be popular as a snack on the go, and with anyone looking for a tiny, refreshing bit of cream puff flavor without wanting to eat a whole puff.


There’s no word on whether the beverage will ever travel to Beard Papa locations outside of Japan, but they’re set to debut on March 21 at several Beard Papa locations in train stations in Japan, and on April 24 across Japan.