Battle Over Rights to Produce 'The Simpsons' Duff Beer

Two Colombian brothers are under fire for brewing Simpsons-inspired beer
Duff Beer Battles

Photo Duff Beer Modified: Flickr/Erik Cleves Kristensen/CC 4.0

The imaginary Duff Beer is causing a fight between 20th Century Fox and brewers.

If you’ve ever wanted to sip on some of Homer Simpson’s famous Duff beer, then you better try to get some, quick. While many companies across the world have attempted, at one time or another, to trademark Duff Beer, 20th Century Fox has always been adamant about its complete ownership of the imaginary brand. The most recent legal battle involves the Ballesteros brothers, who are producing Duff beer in Colombia.

While their beer was originally called "Duff" (with a logo identical to that on the cartoon), they changed their name to DuH, moving the two ‘f’s together so they interlocked. According Alicia Lloreda, an attorney, the brothers aren’t copying because, “[Duff beer] appears only in cartoons, in a fictional world.” Not amused by the name change, 20th Century Fox is still pressing for the removal of the product.

There was an earlier battle over the rights to the Duff name with a German brewery in earlier this year. And back in 1996, an Australian brand was banned from selling Duff beer. Despite being a fictional brew, people are certainly eager to get their hands on Duff beer. According those who have sampled it — in fancy Colombian bars, no less — it tastes light and bland, just as you imagined.


(Photo Duff Beer Modified: Flickr/Erik Cleves Kristensen/CC 4.0)