Batch Bar at Hyatt French Quarter: Best Bars in New Orleans

Best Bars in New Orleans

Batch makes other hotel bars pale in comparison.

Batch is super convenient for New Orleans tourists staying upstairs in a Hyatt room, but it offers so much more than a typical hotel bar. It’s a nice change from the usually chaotic French Quarter nightlife; Batch is the place for more of the whole experience. With comfortable lounge seating, friendly and attentive servers, and deliciously strong drinks, the bar is the complete package. Batch specializes in barrel service, meaning your cocktail is served in a 1 liter oak barrel that rests at the center of the table. There’s plenty of room to relax with friends and just enjoy your cocktail; there’s no rush to get out of here.

Snacks include a classic NOLA muffaletta on French bread with yam fries. The Fry Bar is also a fun change, with tator tots, sweet potato fries, or classic fries that you can top with everything from ham to gravy.

The great staff, delicious drinks, and great atmosphere are great incentive to visit this French Quarter hotspot.