Base Camp Brewing Fresh Hop IPA & Oktoberfest Party’s

Base Camp Brewing Fresh Hop IPA & Oktoberfest Party’s

Southeast Portland’s Base Camp Brewing is ready for the fall harvest season with the release party for Fresh Hop Gnar Gnar IPA this week and an Oktoberfest celebration on October 4th.

From the Base Camp Press Release:
Fresh Hop Gnar Gnar IPA Release Party!
First and foremost, FRESH HOP SEASON!! I am sure you are just as excited as I am. We have recently released our Wet Hop in the Pool Helles this past Tuesday. This coming Tuesday, September 16th, we will be releasing our Fresh Hop Gnar Gnar IPA. We will be hosting a release party here at Base Camp. Giving our guests the opportunity to meet the brewery, hear a bit more about the beer and of course have the chance to try it out.

Base Camp Brewing Co - Oktoberfest 2014 ECOPY
Base Camp will be hosting our annual Oktoberfest here at the brewery on October 4th from 11am-10pm. The block party will be family friendly and have a ton of amazing activities. Two of my favorite additions to this years Oktoberfest, Human Fussball and special firkin-conditioned beer releases. Teams of 6-10 can sign up for Human Fussball on Eventbrite. We are allowing 8 teams to sign up for this winner takes all bracketed tournament. As for the special firkin-condition beer releases, we will be adding some special twists to our favorite Base Camp brews and releasing them throughout the day! I have attached our promotional material for OKTO14 to this email.

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