Banh Mi Boys: Vietnamese Food in Toronto

Vietnamese Food in Toronto

If you’re looking for Vietnamese fast food at a great price in Toronto, look no further than Banh Mi Boys.

Banh Mi Boys-goers are addicted. Despite a constant line-up of people, the servers move fast, are extremely helpful, and give the people what they want, including suggestions if you’ve never been there before. Their kimchi fries, a huge favorite by devout customers, consist of fries topped with pork, kimchi, green onions and house mayo. Banh Mi offers items like their 5-spice pork belly banh mi, braised beef cheek banh mi, duck confit, and fried chicken steamed bao. The jicama-papaya salad is available if you’re looking for something a little lighter, and the generously portioned sandwiches go for around $5.99.

The food, though quite belly busting (the kimchi fries come in at 1,183 calories and 86 grams of fat), is quick and savory, reminiscent of Vietnamese classics. Banh Mi is also looking to add a shrimp dish to their lineup. Check out what they have to offer at either their 392 Queen St W or 399 Yonge Street locations.