Bangkok’s Bamboo Bar Celebrates 60 Years of Jazz and Drink

Legendary jazz bar in the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok celebrates its 60th anniversary with a “drinks through the decades” menu

The Bamboo Bar's new drinks menu will feature all the top cocktail hits from the last 60 years.

Back in 1953 Madame Krull, the inimitable general manager of Bangkok’s Mandarin Oriental, felt the timing was ripe for a jazz bar on the premises. And so the Bamboo Bar, the first jazz club bar in the city was opened complete with stylish jungle motifs, seductive décor, and live music. Since then it’s been drawing in legendary jazz musicians and music lovers from across the world. Now it’s celebrating its anniversary by launching a “drinks through the decades” menu featuring a heady selection of glamorous cocktails that have been served at the venue over the past six decades.

Some of the menu highlights include the Oriental's Mai Tai made with Grand Marnier, orange and pineapple juice, and grenadine syrup; the Thaijito made with Maekhong whisky, fresh lemongrass and ginger; and the Thai Noon made with vodka, lemongrass and coconut.


For the anniversary, the Bamboo Bar has also resurrected the venue’s signature necktie, a bright custom tie that was a requirement of Madame Krull for all male guests. While the ties are not mandatory this time around those who do want to honor the memory of Krull and relive a little history can purchase a limited edition replica at the hotel’s gift shop.