Bakery Writes Homophobic Message On Anniversary Cake

A woman was shocked to find a homophobic message written on a cake she requested for her anniversary with her girlfriend, according to The Advocate.

Sarah said that she ordered a carrot cake from a bakery in Arlington, VA and requested that instead of balloons, there was a message that says "Happy Anniversary Lindsey! Love, Sarah."

But what she asked for is far from what she received.

The bakery scribbled "Lesbian Anniv. No Ballons," on a chocolate cake, which came complete with balloons.

Sarah opened the cake in the shop and asked to speak to the manager. The manager apologized for the sloppy handwriting, not the message, and offered to make a "less sloppy cake." She declined the offer for a new cake and said she had planned to eat the current one with her partner for their anniversary.

The fact that the bakery does not know how to take orders correctly, spell "balloons," or write legibly says a lot about the people who work at this place. Hopefully they can learn the difference between carrot and chocolate cakes, and maybe a thing or two about tolerance for same-sex couples.