A Bag Lunch Courtesy of Jay-Z

Show up your co-workers with the rapper's personal chef's upgraded bag lunch

It's no secret that Jay-Z loves food (hence his seven-course wedding dinner featuring Popeyes fried chicken), and his personal chef, Mike Shand. Shand, a New Zealand native who's traveled with the rapper on the road during his tours, has taken over Jay-Z's 40/40 club in New York City. Despite Shand's leap to executive chef for 40/40, Shand recently shared his Jay-Z-approved "bag lunch" recipe that he makes for 40/40 with Businessweek. Let's just say, your co-workers won't believe you made this for a simple office lunch.

Check out Shand's recipe for tequila chicken with hot corn salsa — yum — on Businessweek; for more lunch bag inspiration, we suggest sandwiches. Try the balsamic chicken salad sandwich or a pulled turkey sandwich with barbecue sauce.