Aziz Ansari's 'Dangerously Delicious' on Sale for $5

It comes with a restaurant recommendation list, too

Comedian and known food lover Aziz Ansari released a new stand-up special today, aptly titled Dangerously Delicious, for all the world to download at $5 (instead of a standard DVD price of $20).

The promo video below gives us a glimpse of what his stand-up entails, notably how not to hit on a waitress (with some foul language, fair warning). But if you need any further prompting to buy his stand-up, GrubStreet promises that it comes with a ton of extra stuff, including a list of Ansari-approved restaurants.

"ABC Kitchen and Torrisi in New York; Joe Beef and Wilensky's in Montreal; Hot Doug's in Chicago; Jitlada in L.A.; et cetera. And just this once, we'll look past the fact that Ansari calls sandwiches sammys, but only because he includes Zingerman's on the list," GrubStreet writes. A comedy show and restaurant bucket list for $5 (with potential celeb-spottings) sounds like a pretty good deal to us.