Award Winning Emmy Viewing Party Tips

Host an Emmy-worthy part with the help from entertaining guru Liz Neumark

Host a night even celebrities wish they could attend.

Hosting a viewing party, especially for the Emmys, takes finesse. You have to create an atmosphere as glamourous as possible, while making it accessible and fun for folks to cozy up on the couch bask in the glory of TV for a few hours. To help you achieve that, Liz Neumark, entertainment guru and founder of New York catering company Great Performances, offered a few of her tips and recipes for a great viewing party no one will want to miss!

1. The Cocktail
For a bubbly treat that’s affordable and delicious, greet guests with a glass of cava as they enter. The empty bottles can also be fashioned into festive candle stick holders.

2. The Attire
Encourage guests to dress as the actor or actress they think will win!

3. The Snack

 Set up a popcorn bar for guests. Pop unsalted popcorn and display a selection of toppings, including truffle salt, M&Ms, grated Parmesan, cinnamon sugar, toasted coconut, etc.

4. The Dessert
Making pies can be tricky and buying pies is expensive. Instead, grill or roast seasonal fruits like peaches and apples and serve with a dash of cinnamon and a scoop of ice cream.

5. The Menu

To further enhance the theme of the night, create an Emmys-inspired menu with dishes like:

Breaking Bad:

Turkey Heisenburgers topped with Walter White’s infamous blue cheese.

True Detective:

The Yellow King 

Orange is the New Black:

Red’s Secret Garden of Crudité