Avocado Now Used to Make Beer, Too

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Is there anything this magic fruit can't do?
Avocado Ale | Los Angeles | Beer
Facebook/Angel City Brewery

The Los Angeles brewery creates an ale from the creamy fruit.

It's common practice here at The Daily Meal offices to smear half an avocado on some toast and call it breakfast, so of course a beer made from avocado sounds freaking fantastic to us. But for now we will let Angelenos be the judge.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Angel City Brewery has created an Avocado Ale to commemorate brewmaster Dieter Forstner's 100th batch of beer. Since Forstner comes from a family of avocado farmers, he decided to make an ale with the creamy fruit. The batch is brewed with avocado, cilantro, and other ingredients that normal go into a bowl of guacamole, the LA Times reports.

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The bottled beer will be available in the Los Angeles area for less than $10 for a six-pack starting Aug. 24 at the brewery's annual Avocado Festival. It's not the first strange beer from the brewery; Forstner has created brews like the French Sip (au jus French dip-inspired), as well as the Pickle Weisse (spiked with pickle brine).