Australian Meets Southeast Asian at New Sunburnt Calf

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Heathe St. Clair's latest restaurant tries Asian fusion
Australian Meets Southeast Asian at New Sunburnt Calf
Jessica Chou

Sunburnt Calf BK

Australian restaurateur Heathe St. Clair’s latest restaurant, The Sunburnt Calf BK, expands his empire to Prospect Heights, where the fare delves into South-east Asian cuisine with some accents from down under. It works, St. Clair says, because the two regions are so close that the fusion occured organically.

Instead of the standard burger-and-pub menu you’ll find in Manhattan locations, the chef is topping vermicelli with fried fish and serving the ubiquitous pork buns and lettuce wraps. There are complimentary shots to start the meal, light dishes with spicy kicks, and a tapioca pudding with palm seeds and shreds of Thai basil to finish. (The tapioca pudding, says St. Clair, will eventually make him look like a pregnant man.)

Still in its soft opening, The Sunburnt Calf BK will be expanding its menu over time. 611 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, NY