Are You Addicted to Starbucks? 12 Ways to Tell

Loving the lattes is still nothing to be ashamed of

Do you dream of vanilla soymilk?

Another day, another $5 coffee. Or two. Or three, if it’s been a really long day and traffic is the worst and you still have that dinner thing later that you don’t want to go to…

For an addict, that green and white sign is a glimmering beacon of hope in a world full of small annoyances and weird-tasting home-brewed coffee. There’s a reason they’ve got a siren as a mascot.

Are You Addicted to Starbucks? 12 Ways to Tell (Slideshow)

 When you truly love Starbucks, it calls to you in times of celebration, in times of need, and honestly, just all the time. No other drink in the world tastes like “your” drink, whether you like it sweet, strong, or both. And no one anticipates your needs and gives you what you want without judgment like your favorite green-smocked barista, who never raises an eyebrow and says “Back again?” because she gets it. She knows she’s selling the good stuff, and she doesn’t blame you for wanting what she’s got.

Having a Starbucks obsession is undeniably hard on the wallet. Chances are, you’ve probably had to choose between a healthy lunch and a giant coffee a time or two, but loving the lattes is still nothing to be ashamed of. There are plenty of people just like you, who couldn’t care less when the haters say Starbucks isn’t “good” coffee or that it isn’t “worth” the price. It’s good to you, and those daily drinks are absolutely worth it. They’re a moment of serenity in a hectic life, a couple of minutes where everything is perfect because your coffee is just the way you like it.

There are tons of little ways to tell if your Starbucks preoccupation has become a full-blown dependency. Do you dream of vanilla soymilk? Have you ever wanted to reach out a trembling finger to lightly caress a perfect, fluffy pile of foam? Then click through this list, Starbucks stalwart, because we’re absolutely talking about you.

You Have a Favorite Starbucks

Your friends tell you it doesn’t matter, every Starbucks is exactly the same, but you know this statement to be false. At your Starbucks the lattes are never short a pump and the foam is as stiff and pale as angel’s wings.

Alternately, There are Certain Starbucks You Refuse to Visit

Maybe their macchiato just sort of tastes off, or one time a new, confused barista got an attitude with you when you ordered a 120-degree latte. For whatever reason, that Starbucks is dead to you now. And God forbid someone tries to make you go to one of those pseudo-Bucks inside a Target. Those are amateur hour shenanigans, and you’d be better off hopping the counter and mixing up that strawberry Frappuccino yourself.


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