Apples To Apples: 4 Fun Facts

Photo by Sean Koetting

Everybody knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It's one of those sayings that's been drilled into our minds ever since we were kids. Apples could potentially be the most typical, cliché fruit out there. But trust me, there's way more to apples than meets the eye.

1. Apples wake you up in the morning.

While people claim it is the caffeine in apples that produces this energy, it's believed that there actually isn't any caffeine in apples at all. It's a stark difference from your usual Starbucks go-to, but the high sugar content apples contain is definitely able to wake you up in the morning.

2. You can eat the core.


Photo by Sean Koetting

Did you know that you're supposed to eat the apple from top to bottom or bottom to top, rather than around the core? The average person wastes about 30% of the apple when they eat it sideways around the core. While the core is good to eat, I wouldn't advise consuming the seeds. Little known to the general population, apple seeds are among the most poisonous foods because they contain small amounts of cyanide. Eating a few apple seeds probably won't kill you, but who wants to take the risk?

3. They can whiten your teeth.

As we age it's  inevitable that our teeth will discolor and change. Everyone is always looking for home remedies and cures to whiten teeth, and apples can do the job. Apples scrub your teeth, helping to remove residue and keep them white. This is because apples contain malic acid, one of the compounds often found in those whitening strips you pick up at the drug store.

4. Apples have anti-asthma qualities.

Apples are loaded with antioxidants: compounds that help protect healthy cells from becoming damaged or dangerous. These antioxidants have been linked to a decreased risk of asthmatic symptoms. They reduce inflammation so that your throat has more space to breathe.

So the next time you crunch into that apple, remember all the good it's doing for your body.

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