Anna Sui RTW Spring 2014: A Hippie/Flapper Combo That's Working For Us


Anna Sui's eclectic designs may not be for everyone. There are some designers that are universal and some that cater to a very specific audience, Anna Sui is the latter. I thought I would never be fan of anything too flowy or maybe I just have an aversion to anything that reminds me of the hippie throwback bellbottoms of the '90s, but yesterday's Spring 2014 collection at New York Fashion Week blew me away, and I'm suddenly thinking multi-layered floral is very wearable.
Sure, not everyone can pull off a fringe bikini and layered prints, but this collection makes me want to give it a shot. The entire collection is a flower-friendly tribute to the '60s, with an underlying '20s flapper style (interesting combo). An ethereal feeling comes through each piece in muted colors, jewels and understated metallics.
The spring trend of glitz and shine hits a whole new level with this collection. Delicate sequin trim and interwoven golden threads create a metallic sheen that's only seen when the light hits it just right. Now that's understated style.
Female models came out wearing gladiator sandals (is that back already?) in metallic and earthen tones, while the guys rocked the runway bare-chested, clad in dirty sneakers (apparently clean ones don't give off enough hippie vibe). Maybe it was because they could walk comfortably, but more than once, the stony expressions on models gave way to smiles.
Now, I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to fashion I usually play it safe. Skirts and sweaters seem much more wearable than print on print, with more print on top. But these flower-butterfly-damask-blends seem so well put together it could almost be pulled off outside the runway.
Jeweled headpieces and floral crowns added to the earth-mother-meets-flapper aesthetic, and while a head of flowers looks great, realistically, it's only a look you can pull off at a costume party—or in a Disney fairy tale. But even if a wreath of grass and flowers isn't very feasible, some pieces in this collection are perfectly summer worthy and deserve at least one spot in your closet. Even if you just wear them to the beach.