Ann Romney Writes a Cookbook

Invites readers around “The Romney Family Table”

Ann Romney, wife of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, has written a cookbook called “The Romney Family Table." In it, she "shares a unique blend of heartwarming (and often humorous) stories, homegrown traditions, and hearty recipes that have brought her family together," according to a description on the publisher's website.

The “photo-filled” cookbook will include Romney family favorites such as “Mitt’s Meatloaf Cakes, homemade ice cream, and Welsh Skillet Cookies,” the latter of which she passed around on a campaign plane last year.

In an interview, Romney cites her children—and a suggestion from one of her five sons—as her inspiration for writing the book, as well as her family background. “I come from a line of good cooks,” she says, and wanted to write about “cooking with love.”


“The Romney Family Table” will be released October 1 and is already available for preorder at some online retailers.