Anheuser in Talks to Buy Maker of Corona

The Mexican beer market has made America's number one beer company interested

Big news in the beer market today: The biggest brewer in the world, Anheuser-Busch InBev, is reportedly in talks to buy out the maker of the ultimate summer beer, Corona, Grupo Modelo.

The $15 million buyout signnals InBev's interest in the Mexican beer market and the huge gain in Corona imports, which is now the U.S.' largest beer import, Reuters reports. The company already owns about 50 percent of the stake in Grupo Modelo, but wants to buy out the other half from the Modelo controlling families.

In 2008, InBev bought the 50 percent stake in Modelo, which made InBev the largest brewer in the world. This would be the biggets deal InBev has scored yet. Experts say the company is moving toward emerging markets, like ones in Latin and Central America. The Mexican beer market is currently the sixth biggest beer market in the world.