Anheuser-Bush Releases Zip Code Beers

Anheuser-Bush announces Project 12 to select three limited edition regional brews

If you’ve ever wondered what a regional beer brewed by Budweiser might taste like, this fall is your chance to find out. Anheuser-Bush planning to release a small, limited-edition batch of beers inspired by the different locations of their breweries this fall. Entitled ‘zip code beer’ (each beer is named after the zip code where it’s produced) these special brews will reflect the unique flavor of Budweiser’s distinctive yeast that’s been used to make their beer since 1876, The Star Ledger reported. The zip codes were registered last year but their purpose for the project has only been recently announced.

Although each of the company’s twelve breweries in America will create their own beer, only three of them will make it to the market. The contest is named ‘Project Twelve’ as an homage to their twelve locations. So far, six of the brews have been cut. To decide the winners from the remaining drinks, Budweiser is sponsoring parties throughout the country in which the participants will be able to vote for their favorites.

The remaining zip codes are 80524 from Colorado, 13027 from New York, 91406 from Los Angeles, 63118 from St. Louis, 43229 from Ohio, and 23185 from Virginia. Each beer has a distinct taste and the varieties run the gamut from fruity-light brews to deeper ones. To reflect the differences in American beers, each variety is supposed to reflect that flavors of the region in which it was created.

The question that remains is whether or not regional loyalties will figure into which beers are chosen for wider distribution this fall. For the chance to taste as many as possible, head to one of their special parties, which will be hosted around the country.