America's Oldest Bars: Massachusetts

A look at Massachusetts' most venerable pubs and taverns

You belly up to the bar, put your hand on the old wood, or the worn metal, and order yourself a pint. It’s a place you may have never been, and an action that’s been done by many before you. There are names scratched into the wall. Scuffmarks on the floor. Nothing’s fancy. Nothing’s too too. The place, the drink, it’s all the way it should be and it’s going to continue that way for some time to come. Why? You’re in a nexus for drink, space and time. You’re visiting a classic, one of the oldest bars in the country.

This installment of our America’s Oldest Bars Series features Massachusetts. One of the original 13 colonies, historically Massachusetts tends to conjure up images of men and women fighting for their liberty at the Boston Tea Party and the Salem Witch Trials. As soon as you step foot on the cobblestoned streets of Boston’s historical neighborhoods, you will understand why there are so many bars that have remained unchanged throughout the years. From the Union Oyster House in Boston to The Red Lion Inn in Cohasset, The following ten bars are a collection of some of Massachusetts’ oldest and most time-honored.

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