Amazing Super Bowl Sandwich Stadiums

Check out these amazing sandwich stadiums we found on Pinterest

Try to recreate these amazing food stadiums for your super bowl party.

When game day arrives, so do your football-loving guests and them come equipped with an empty stomach. You shouldn’t be worried. After all you’ve got the essential wings, the delicious pizza and the standard sandwich tray. But when you look at your spread, you can’t help but think you could turn it up a notch.

You don’t have to immediate head back into the kitchen and start cooking up a storm. All you need to do is simply make your average food do spectacular things! How, may you ask? It is all about the presentation! One way fans are making a splash with their spreads are through “sandwich stadiums” and boy, did we find some impressive ones. Check out these edible odes to a football-lovers’ sanctuary here:

Appetizer Stadium

Forget the sandwiches, this dip-based stadium is perfect for halftime snack-time. We love how the field is a delicious dip and the impressive array of dippers that you can have guests try out.


Just look at the attention to detail! This stadium has all of the pickings a fan could ask for from pigs-in-a-blanket to pinwheels. Check out the attention to detail with the adorable broccoli trees and baked cars.

DIY Station


Instead of crafting sandwiches to put into a display, this creative stadium crafter made it a DIY experience, using the ingredients for a touchdown worthy sandwich. We love the usage of different cheese and the rolls that serve as the stadium walls!