Amazing Salvador Dalí Latte Art and More News

In today's Media Mix, a woman attempts to bring her horse through a drive-thru, plus how to cook your own insects

This latte art looks like a Salvador Dali painting, and more news.

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Salvador Dalí Coffee: The 3-D latte artist Kazuki Yamamoto goes viral once more with his "Persistence of Memory"-esque Dalí latte art. [Reddit]

Horse Refused in Drive-Thru: After a woman was not allowed to bring her horse through a drive-thru in a U.K. McDonald's, she brought it inside. [BBC]

How to Cook Bugs: A chef shares his recipes for preparing bees and tarantulas. [National Geographic]

Charleston's Second Food Festival: John T. Edge and the Southern Foodways Alliance have announced the first ever Jubilee, a food, music, and shopping event celebrating Charleston, S.C., from Dec. 6 to 8. [Eater]


Reality TV Spoofs: PBS apparently has a sense of humor: their reality show spoofs include "Clam Kings" and "Meet the Tanners." [HuffPo]