Amazing Mug Reheats Your Coffee Without Electricity

The future of portable coffee mugs is here

The Burning Cup mug reheats using sodium acetate, without electricity.

If there's one thing this editor hates, it's bringing a cup of coffee from home to the office — and finding it completely cold upon arrival. And not only is reheating coffee a pain, it's a huge waste of energy from using the microwave.

So we're especially pumped to see a new coffee mug design that reheats itself — without electricity. Mashable found designer Ryan Jongwoo Choi's Burning Cup design, which uses a key ingredient to reheat without power. The answer: sodium acetate, a compound that's solid when cold, and liquid when hot. The hot coffee inside the cup heats up the sodium acetate, and when the drinker feels like the coffee's getting cold, he can push a button that activates the sodium acetate to act as a warmer.

Could this new invention be the future of portable coffee mugs? We sure hope so. Check out Choi's design for yourself below.