Alterra Coffee Changes Name to Colectivo Coffee

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After separating from Mars Drinks, Alterra changes its name
Alterra Coffee is now Colectivo Coffee
Colectivo Coffee

The new name references colorful, funky public transportation in Latin America.

The Milkwaukee favorite, Alterra Coffe,e is getting an alternative name.

Alterra Coffee Roasters Inc. is changing its name to Colectivo Coffee starting Monday, the company announced Sunday night. Co-founders and owners Ward Lincoln Fowler and Paul Miller will remain in control, according to JS Online. The new name will appear on all cafés and products. The owners emphasized that the quality of the coffee, food, people, and culture will all remain the same as before. The change of the name marks the end of a three-year relationship with Mars Drinks, a subsidiary of giant Mars Inc. Mars is distributing Alterra Cofefe Roasters brand in the United States, Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Korea, and Japan. The Milwaukee chain will stay local as Colectivo Coffee.

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In a press release, the company explained that “Colectivo” is inspired by a Latin American word for artful buses used as transportation. It is a symbol for the brand and the experience the coffee provides customers.