Awesome Ways to Pass a Friend a Beer

Use a skateboard, trampoline, or an elevator

Pass Me a Beer

Sure, Old Milwaukee might not be as classy as those microbrews, but it sure is getting the spotlight in viral videos. First, there was Will Ferrell and his site-specific advertisements. And now? Ferrell doesn't make an appearance, but this series of "Hey, Pass Me a Beer" does prove that in Milwaukee, people don't just hand each other beers.

They toss them, bounce them off trampolines, kick them, launch them in the air, fish them out of water, tetherball them, slingshot them, and so much more. It's all very impressive and showy, sure to wow any party crowd (the drunker, the better). As one editor at The Daily Meal said, we're going to start bringing mini trampolines to all our get-togethers. Our aim (and possible pool skills?) will get so much better.

Watch the sequence below, then combine with these ideas for opening a bottle of beer sans bottle opener. Oh, the Internet.