Alizé’s Healthy Spring Tasting Menu

The famed restaurant now has healthier dining options

The restaurant hopes the new menu, rich in nutrients, will help promote a healthy lifestyle

Alizé, at the top of the Palms Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, had introduced a new spring tasting menu that features healthier options for those dining at the famed restaurant. To accompany the breathtaking view of the Las Vegas strip, the new menu offers many buzzed-about super foods, rich in antioxidants and omegas.

The menu features a variety of courses each featuring healthful ingredients. The chilled vichyssoise and tomato soup, a starter, is filled with the super food tomatoes.

The market greens salad is an organic mix of 15 different greens and florals, known to provide fiber, iron, and cancer fighting vitamin E. Sunflower greens, green butter lettuce, and violet leaves are some of the ingredients featured in this mix.

For a main course, the sautéed tofu provides a protein packed option with tamarind-glazed vegetables, dried fruits, and Marcona almonds on the side.


Chef Mark Purdy hopes to create options that are healthy, but still delicious. He wants to show guests that healthier foods can still be imaginative like traditional fare, while still providing life-long health benefits.