Chinese Company Sells a Lifetime Supply of Alcohol for $1,700

Alibaba celebrated Singles Day by letting people buy alcohol for life

33 people will receive 12 bottles of baijiu a month until they die.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have nothing on Singles Day. The Chinese holiday lands every year on November 11, and while it originally started as a sort of anti-Valentine’s Day celebration for single people, it’s since grown into one of the world’s biggest shopping days. There are tons of deals to be had, and this year one of the best of them was a lifetime supply of liquor for just $1,700.

Online retailer Alibaba was one of the first to popularize the idea of Singles Day as a shopping holiday, and according to The Guardian, this year it offered people the chance to buy a lifetime supply of baijiu--a very strong white spirit made from grain--for 11,111 yuan, or just under $1,700.

The deal was available to the first 33 people who were fast enough to buy it. Alibaba doesn’t take a meager approach when calculating a “lifetime supply,” either. According to the terms of the deal, the people who bought it will receive 12 bottles of baijiu every month until they die. A person can bequeath the deal to an heir, if the original recipient dies within five years of purchasing it.

This year was the biggest Singles Day on record. Alibaba hit $1 billion in sales in the first two minutes of the day. It took an hour and six minutes for the site to exceed $10 billion in sales. By the end of Singles Day, Alibaba had done more than $25 billion in sales in a single day.


The lifetime supply of baijiu is an extraordinary deal. Baijiu is extremely popular in China and is often served in banquets. It has not yet caught on in the U.S., but it’s one of the quintessential cocktails travelers should try when they’re abroad.