Alcoholic Popsicles…Is This Real Life?

Frozen Piña Coladas:

Just making this drink made me feel like I was in Hawaii tanning on a beach. To make this glorious treat, all you need is coconut flavored Malibu rum, chunks of pineapple, canned cream of coconut and ice. Just blend well, add to a plastic cup or popsicle mold and freeze for later.

Photo by Tiare Brown

Malibu Pink Lemonade: 

Any drink that has Malibu rum in it always seems to make me believe I am outside laying on a beach somewhere. The coconut flavor of the Malibu mixed with pink lemonade is pure perfection.

Photo by Tiare Brown

Also, if you really are running low on time, these little ice cube popsicles are perfect for munching on while sitting in the sun. Just be careful, they will melt fast…

Photo by Tiare Brown

Sweet Tea Lemonade:

I know Burnettes vodka is known for being a cheap way to get shwasty pants on a Friday night. No matter how bad Burnettes can taste sometimes, this mixed drink made up of Sweet Tea Burnettes and regular lemonade is one of the best drinks to have on a hot day. It is so good that you can barely even taste the alcohol. If you aren’t into Burnettes you can use any other kind of vodka that is sweet tea flavored. Mix together the vodka and lemonade and you have got yourself a sweet drink.

Photo by Tiare Brown

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