Alcoholic Dippin' Dots Exactly What the World Needs

For adults only, naturally. We do not condone underage alcoholic ice cream consumption

Dippin' Dots will always hold a special place in our hearts after summers of spending $6 on a cup at water parks, but after the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy we were nervous that we'd never get the ice cream of the future ever again.

So naturally, a Washington, D.C. bar called A Bar decided to hone in on the nostalgia and make alcoholic Dippin' Dots, originally called Drinkin' Dots until they were hit with a letter from the ice cream company's lawyer (of course). Now, the frozen spheres of alcholic ice cream are called "Cyro-Spheres," HuffPo reports, while the menu says "Cyro Dots." We bet sci-fi fans love that.

It looks like flavors include a lemon-y summer treat (judging from this tweet from Capital City Eats), as well as a dark chocolate tequila. Watch beverage manager Brennan Adams whip up the dark chocolate tequila pearls below. Forget ice cream makers; we just want a tank of liquid nitrogen.