Airlines Serve In-Flight Thanksgiving Meals

Celebrate Thanksgiving at 30,000 feet

Air Berlin

For passengers choosing to fly on Thanksgiving, some airlines are getting in the holiday spirit by serving Thanksgiving meals Nov. 22 in addition to their regular meal service.

The in-flight chefs on Etihad Airlines are serving a three-course Thanksgiving meal, which includes chestnut soup, turkey with vegetables and stuffing, and pumpkin pie for passengers in first class and business class, and a two-course meal of turkey and chestnut mousse with chocolate sponge cake for those in economy.

To make American travelers feel more at home, Air Berlin’s special one-day menu, served on flights from the U.S. to Germany only, includes turkey breast with gravy and dried cranberries, green beans with sliced almonds, and cornbread stuffing. Each passenger also receives heart chocolates at the end of each flight. The routes serving Thanksgiving meals are Miami to Dusseldorf, Miami to Berlin, Fort Myers, Fla., to Dusseldorf, and New York City to Dusseldorf.


Lauren Mack is the Travel Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @lmack.