An Afternoon with Wine Expert Anthony Giglio

Conversations with the wine expert about Southern wines, Robert Parker, undiscovered European wines, and wine etiquette

Wine expert Anthony Giglio

Talk with Anthony Giglio about wine, cocktails, and anything under the hot Atlanta sun as I did recently during the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, and you come away entertained, informed, and knowing he is an informational and entertainment force. Put it this way: the man has opinions about things he doesn't feel strongly about.

As his site humbly notes, "He’s funny and entertaining, and he never indulges in snobbery or intimidation." As if he needed further introduction, Giglio is the author of Food & Wine's Wine Guide 2009 and 2010, and Cocktails in New York

In these interviews, the inimitable expert talks Southern wines, up-and-coming regions, family, cocktails, Robert Parker, and wine etiquette. 

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