Is Adrian Grenier Out of the Park Slope Co-Op?

After not showing up for a shift, the 'Entourage' star is reportedly booted out of the Brooklyn co-op

The man's no stranger to food and drink, but reports now say that Adrian Grenier's stint at the Park Slope Food Coop is over and out. The reason? He didn't show up for his shifts.

The Brooklyn co-op, a newsmaker in the last few months for its proposed Israeli product boycott, has strict rules about shifts. According to the co-op's FAQ, it's mandatory to work 2 hours and 45 minutes every four weeks (about 13 times per calendar year) to keep a membership. Grenier, who lives half the year in Los Angeles and the other half in New York, reportedly didn't keep up with the co-op's shift requirements.

However, none of the rumors have been confirmed by the co-op or Grenier. Grenier said back in 2009 that the reason he joined was because he didn't receive "special teatment." Now, the New York Daily News reports he has a new co-op membership card, this one in Clinton Hill.

Updated: Yep, Grenier is denying that he was kicked out of the Park Slope co-op and that he joined the new Greene Hill co-op instead, says The New York Times.