A Cassoulet Supper

Dine like they do in Paris with a menu featuring this hearty, French comfort food.
French Bistro

French Bistro

If you can’t make it to Paris this year, bring the "City of Light" into your own home with this warm and comforting French bistro meal from Laurent Quenioux, the Executive Chef at Vertical Wine Bar in Pasadena, Calif.

Once the cassoulet is cooking, set the table the way they do at cafés in France. Top a white linen tablecloth with a piece of plain white paper, and set two places (if you’re dining a deux) using plain white linen or flour sack cloth napkins. Fill an old glass wine or soda bottle with water, and opt for Picardie glasses to complete the authentic look. Place a flower in a small vase in the middle of the table, with two white taper candles to either side. Of course, don’t forget to open a bottle of your favorite vin rouge.



La Carte:


Salade Lardon

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