Nestlé’s Loud Party Ruffles Feathers in Switzerland

Nestlé got special permission to throw a very loud party
Nestlé crunch bars

Wikimedia/Captain USA

Nestlé celebrated its 150th birthday with a huge event in Lausanne, Switzerland, and now several local music festivals are complaining that the company got more generous noise limits than they do.

Nestlé just celebrated its 150th birthday with a huge party on Friday in Lausanne, Switzerland, and the party was reportedly so loud that now some music festival organizers say they aren’t allowed to be nearly as loud as Nestlé was.

According to The Local, Nestlé had special permission from the government for the celebration to include music played at up to 100 decibels. Several music festivals, however, say that Lausanne requires their music performances to be 93 decibels or less.

The director of Lausanne’s Festival de la Cité and Fête de la Musique said her festival and two of the city’s other big events had written to the government to ask for the same 100-decibel limit that Nestlé got, but the city has not responded.

“We would be very surprised if a reconsideration was given only for Nestlé’s event and that the city doesn’t take our own request into account.”

A spokesman for the Lausanne city council said Nestlé had been given special permission for its loud event, and that it would be up to the Lausanne city council to decide whether or not to give the same treatment to other music festivals and events.

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