British Airways Announces Plan to Start Charging for Food

British Airways says it will stop giving away free meals on short flights
British Airways

Wikimedia/Adrian Pingstone

British Airways announced that it will stop giving away free meals on short-haul flights, instead offering snacks customers can purchase.

Airlines rarely seem to provide customers with a free hot meal during a flight these days, and now British Airways has decided to go along with that trend, as it just announced that it will start charging for meals on its planes.

According to The Telegraph, the new move is an attempt to better compete with low-cost, no-frills airlines. Passengers on shorter flights can no longer expect complimentary meals from the airline, though food will be available for purchase. The airline is reportedly partnering up with the Waitrose premium grocery chain to provide the in-flight snacks that will be available for sale to hungry fliers.


The new plan reportedly only applies to short flights, though. Passengers on long flights can still expect a basic three-course meal to be included in the cost of their ticket. If they want a better one, though, they can pre-order an upgraded meal for a fee.