'90s Breakfasts Gone Vegan

Welcome (back) to the 1990s

Ah, the 1990s. A land where cartoons and sweet cold cereal go hand in hand. Cinnamon buns for breakfast were totally approved. And silver shiny foil meant your toaster tarts were ready to eat cold or toasted! Those days brought us sugary breakfast cereals, neon-colored breakfast tarts, and all things Pillsbury.

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Maybe you once enjoyed a chewy chocolate chip granola bar, or you just dove into some leftover birthday cake batter you found in the fridge. Or maybe you told your sister to "leggo my Eggo!" or to get her hands off the giant Cinnabon you brought back from the mall. We have a vegan version for all these and more! From vegan Lucky Charms to "Philly" cream cheese-slathered bagels, here are recipes inspired by your childhood or teenhood breakfast memories of the '90s. And yes, there is actually a recipe for homemade, strawberry Pop-Tarts in this collection.

Have some fun, and click through this memory-filled gallery of vegan recipes!


— Kathy Patalsky, Babble