9 Ready-Made Super Bowl Appetizers Worth Serving

Don’t miss one play by relying on these great go-to frozen appetizers

Set it and forget it with these easy appetizers.

If you are hosting Super Bowl Sunday this year, you should know that you have a long Sunday ahead of you. Not that spending quality time with your friends as you cheer on your favorite team isn’t a blast, but hosting a house full of crazed fans isn’t a task to take lightly. The Super Bowl staples involve a ton of delicious comfort food, but the key word to focus on here is ton. As a football fan, we assume you want to spend a majority of the day in front of the TV rather than in the kitchen. So self proclaimed food lovers we are going to give you a pass: we officially give you permission to use frozen food.

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Believe it or not, frozen appetizers can be a very satisfying treat to hungry guests and keep you out of the kitchen on game-day. Now, we aren’t saying every dish at your party should be frozen, but these little aside appetizers can really help you enjoy your festivities.

For instance, pouring a bag of Tyson’s popcorn chicken on a pan to cook is a lot easier (and cheaper) than serving and elaborate second meat dish for your guests. C
utting corners with bar food favorites like mozzarella sticks and pigs in a blanket is perfectly acceptable for events like Super Bowl Sunday. Remember: fun not fancy!


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