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9 Mouth-Watering Resort Cooking Classes Slideshow

Courtesy of Hotel Arts Barcelona

Hotel Arts Barcelona: Barcelona, Spain

The Hotel Arts Barcelona is a sumptuous property with unparalleled panoramic views of Barcelona and four restaurants serving innovative and classic Spanish specialties. Their new “Shop with the Chef” workshop takes you beyond the dining room and into the thick of Barcelona’s food scene. Executive chef Roberto Holz will take guests into the famed Boqueria market to shop for food and subsequently prep and cook using those ingredients. The all-day workshop is available in October, is offered in English and Spanish, and is 200 Euro per person.

Courtesy of Hotel Madeline

Hotel Madeline: Telluride, Colo.

It is well known as a luxe and scenic ski destination for the jet set, but escaping to Telluride is to enter a world of unexpected culinary delights. Hotel Madeline takes advantage of this with chef Jake Linzinmeir’s new “In the Kitchen with Madeline” package, which lets guests choose from a selection of cooking classes as well as a spice basket on arrival, a farm-to-table breakfast for two, and a spa treatment. Choose from an intro to fresh pasta, a course on freshwater and saltwater seafood, learn to make soups and salads from the hotel’s restaurant, and discover Colorado’s local delicacies.

Courtesy of Hotel Crillon le Brave

Hotel Crillon le Brave: Provence, France

Visiting Provence in October is advisable with or without the Hotel Crillon le Brave’s new hands-on cooking program. A sophisticated, yet informal hotel in Provence, the Crillon is now offering an all-inclusive package led by chef John Ellis. From learning to cook authentic Provençal fare to food scavenging adventures (including truffle hunting) around the hotel property, guests will ultimately learn the relaxing and intoxicating life and culinary style of the South of France.

Courtesy of Hotel Principe di Savoia

Hotel Principe di Savoia: Milan, Italy

It may be known better for its status as fashion capital of Italy, but Milan is also host to delectable cuisine. The classic Hotel Principe de Savoia is no stranger to the multitude of delicious eats and drinks the city has to offer and is now offering cooking classes with chef Fabrizio Cadel, wine pairing courses, and a truffle hunting package. The latter includes three nights in the hotel, a tour of the Alba Truffle Fair (October — November), a four-course black truffle lunch, and truffle hunting with dogs in Roddi.


Blackberry Farm: Walland, Tenn.

Among the more idyllic hotels in the U.S., Blackberry Farm is a working farm with an unending dedication to foraging, growing, and innovating with fresh, seasonal ingredients, as well as raising livestock. Set in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tenn., their cooking school and calendar of epicurean events are equaled only by guests’ access to their impressive wine cellar and gardens. From heirloom gardening events to a Smoky Mountain Table course on local foods and from a “BBQ IQ” course to cooking with kids in the hotel’s kitchens, you’ll leave refreshed and newly knowledgeable.

Courtesy of the Tides Inn

The Tides: Riviera Maya, Mexico

Currently under some minor renovations, The Tides is a luxurious haven for relaxation, rejuvenation, and classic, unforgettable Mexican cuisine. With a restaurant, lounge, and "street food" market on the property, learning about Mexican food is as easy as trying something new. But, of course, the hotel invites you to delve deeper by participating in cooking classes meant for novices and experts alike, which result in delicious dishes and recipes to take home. While the renovations continue, however, the classes are limited to their much-loved tequila and mescal courses and tastings.


Jake’s Hotel : Treasure Beach, Jamaica

When you aren’t boating, fishing, hiking, taking a painting or mosaic tile course, or relaxing on the beach, Jake’s wants to teach you all about the bright, flavorful, fun cuisine of Jamaica. Learn about exotic (though local to Jamaica) fruits, jerk seasoning and spices, and traditional Jamaican dishes like a “stamp and go.” And once you’ve learned all you can, enjoy one of the hotel’s “farm dinners,” which focus on organic dishes with wine pairings (and freshly muddled cocktails) and is served outside in the hotel’s fields.

Courtesy of the Peninsula Hotel

Peninsula Hotel “Academy”

The Peninsula Hotel group has taken guest education to a whole other level with their series of Peninsula Academy courses offered at their properties in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing, New York, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Bangkok, and Manila. Since apparently no one can escape learning something new from them, enroll in the cooking courses like Hong Kong’s dim sum, tempura, and sushi cooking classes, learn to cook Thai food at the Bangkok hotel, and discover the details of Chinese tea culture at the Shanghai property. Other courses include a wide array of food, beverage, and cultural subject matters.

Courtesy of Abercrombie and Kent

Abercrombie and Kent villas in Italy, France, Spain

Abercrombie and Kent is known far and wide for being purveyors of unmatched luxury. Itineraries that read more like fantasies and villas that don’t seem real are actually the foundation for their new informative, educational, and delicious “Gourmet Short Breaks.” Book one in Andalucia to sample market fare from Malaga market, freshly made tapas, wine tastings, and cooking classes or book a tour of the Brunello wine trail in Tuscany to discover the joys of wine and cheese from the region. All trips feature local chefs who will show you the ins and outs of their cuisine.

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