9 Fast-Food Dinner Party Fixes Slideshow

McDonald’s Fries

Steak frites wouldn’t be complete without a side of slim-cut fries. So, when steak is on the menu at one TDM editor’s home, it is always served with a side of Mickey-D’s fries. Come on… they are addictive…

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is one of those dishes that might be easy to make, but is cumbersome if you don’t have a deep fryer. It is no wonder that some hosts/hostesses will pick up a couple of buckets of the Colonel’s best when entertaining. Try it yourself the next time you’re serving soul food at home, or bring some with you to your next outdoor picnic; when one TDM editor was growing up, a cold KFC drumstick was all that she wanted at the annual Fourth of July fireworks celebration. 

Boston Market Mac 'n Cheese

When you’re craving comfort food, what is better than a rich and creamy mac ‘n cheese? Boston Market’s has a strong following (the one fresh from the takeout counter, not the frozen one in a box). It’s one TDM editor’s guilty pleasure.

Dressed-Up Domino's

The next time you’re hosting a cocktail party, order in a couple of thin-crust cheese pizzas and dress them up your way. Chef to the stars Lulu Powers likes to sprinkle herbs on top of bite-sized pieces, while one TDM editor tops her slices with fresh arugula. A drizzle of truffle oil or a slice of prosciutto, perhaps?

Chinese Takeout White Rice

Whether you’re making burritos, sushi, a hearty chili, or a light Thai curry, you’re going to need cooked rice. So, what to do if you don’t have a rice cooker at home, or need the rice immediately? Pick up a couple boxes of this inexpensive, perfectly-cooked side dish from your local Chinese takeout spot, of course!

Qdoba's Queso

Maryse Chevriere

This addictive cheese dip has a strong following. It is no wonder that some will order a double order of Qdoba’s chips and queso to-go whenever Mexican or chips and salsa are on the menu.

Popeyes' Biscuits

Whether you’re hosting your breakfast biscuit-loving friends for brunch, or looking for the ideal Southern-style side dish to go along with your honey-baked ham, sometimes only a moist and flaky biscuit will suffice. Those in the know go to Popeyes, which serves up a perfectly-baked biscuit with a tender inside that is full of rich, buttery flavors. 

Chinese Food Seasoning Packets

You’ve got pork chops, but no marinade, and the guests are coming in a little over an hour.


Have no fear if you have some of those little packages of soy sauce, duck sauce, and mustard that come with your takeout order on hand. Take inspiration from one of our junior writers, who combined the packet contents together for a flavorful marinade for her Chinese Packet Pork Chops. Who knew the little packets could be so handy?!

Rotisserie Chicken

While roasting a chicken at home is pretty easy to do, sometimes we just don’t have the time (or oven space) to do it ourselves. A still-warm roast bird from your local Peruvian restaurant is the mess-free solution to making chicken tacos, chicken fajitas, and chicken salad for a crowd. And, as long as the evidence is disposed of, no one will even know the difference.