9 Drinks Made Just for the Ladies Slideshow


Animée Beer

To look at Animée, Molson Coors' new beer targeted at women, you'd think it's as if we weren't in the midst of a golden age of beer drinking. The UK brewing giant apparently spent two and a half years and £1 million on research developing the new "less gassy and ligther-tasting" brews. The line of low-alcohol beers (only 4 percent ABV) come stylishly packaged and are available in three flavors: clear filtered, crisp rosé, and zesty lemon. Whether such drinks succeed in changing the drinking habits of the reported 79 percent of British women who rarely or never drink beer remains to be seen. Meanwhile, state-side, MillerCoors has discontinued its female-targeted MGD64 Lemonade. 

Mommy's Time Out Wine

Mommy works hard, Mommy deserves a nice glass of Pinot Grigio — that's the philosophy behind this humorously labeled wine. And according to a recent story in the New York Times, the competition in the category of women-centric wines is already intense. Just this past April, Mommy's Time Out went to court in a trademark dispute with MommyJuice, another wine aimed at mothers looking to de-stress with a glass or two at the end of the day.

Middle Sister Wine

You have to imagine that Jan Brady might have benefited from a glass or two of this wine. You know, maybe saved herself from a few refrains of "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!" In keeping with the theme, the various styles of these self-proclaimed sassy California wines are cleverly categorized according to personality type — "Mischief Maker" Cabernet Sauvignon and "Drama Queen" Pinot Grigio.

Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur

That women make up the majority of vodka drinkers in the U.S. is a statistic that does not seem to have been lost on the makers of this brand of sparkling liqueur that combines French vodka, white wine, and fruit nectar. A 2010 ad campaign featuring actress Eva Longoria seems to indicate the brand was pushing hard for the fashionable nightlife set. What gives it away? Call it a three-way tie between the hot pink aesthetic, the Cosmo-like cocktail in Longoria's hand, and the tagline, "Be glamorous."

Skinnygirl Margarita

The name tells you most of what you need to know when it comes to this low-calorie ready-to-drink cocktail from cookbook author and reality TV star Bethenny Frankel. Made from natural flavors and sweetened with agave nectar, this margarita (clocking in at 100 calories per four ounce serving) is directed a waistline-watching imbibers in search of a guilt-free cocktail. What's more, the brand just recently introduced a "new girl" to the crew, Skinnygirl Sangria. The tagline? "Open, pour, accessorize."

Van Gogh BLUE Triple Wheat Vodka

Launched in 2008, this premium vodka went for laughs with its "shedonistic" ad campaign featuring illustrations of retro, pinup-style women and cheeky tag lines like "Vodka martinis are like catnip to us cougars," or "I like my vodka straight but my friends can go either way."


Later this month, hip-hop artist and producer Pharrell Williams is set to launch Qream, a new ultra-premium cream liqueur marketed at contemporary women who want to "reward themselves deliciously." His reasoning behind creating a drink specifically for women? According to a statement to HipHop.com, "Women make up half the population and Qream is about celebrating that power..." As great a notion as that is, we're not sure how luxe, pastel-hued bottles of cream liqueur scream female empowerment.

Rockstar Pink

What makes this version of the popular energy drink better suited for women? Well, it's sugar free, has zero carbs, and there are only 10 calories in an entire can. Oh, and the can is bright pink. And it comes with a straw included. (Drinking with one pinkie finger raised, optional.)

Go Girl Energy Drink

This sugar-free, five calorie energy drink is actually packaged in a "cute pink can" for a good cause — a portion of the proceeds go to breast cancer research and awareness.